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I need YOU! To help Claire!!!

Hellooooo Livejournal!

So, for all you Bellingham Friends/Acquaintances/Sidekicks of mine out there, I have a request, which stems from a problem.

I am coming from Olympia to Bellingham today, by Greyhound, and the bus is going to make it into Bellingham by about 12:30 TONIGHT.

I don't have a ride to get from the Fairhaven Greyhound/Train terminal, and I really don't want to walk from there to James and Alabama (next to Youngstocks the fruit stand, and where Red Apple used to be....kinda near Sunset Square) where my home is.

If you could give me that (VERY SHORT) ride, I would love to buy us both hot chocolate, or just give you a few bucks, or I'll just love you, or whatever.

You can reply to me here, or call me in Olympia @ 1-360-943-1177. I'm catching the bus at 7:30 tonight, so any replies after that I can't get.

Heres hoping someone in Bellingham still remembers and loves me!

oh, and I was considering calling you, GAGE, to see if Drew would do it....or possibly you, EMILY, even though you are going to be exhausted from getting into town, or not even in town by then...but maybe you will just read this, cuz I don't want to be inconvenient for either of you.

Thank you all, and I'll be in town to hang out for quite a while, so get ahold of me! My Bellingham #...676-9625
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