It's HARD being Claire! (notasyouthink) wrote,
It's HARD being Claire!

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Thank you all very, very much.

But despite all of your love (which did make me feel better), the city of Olympia decided they need to cut off our water for an indiscriminate amount of time unless I get together $90, and send a check tomorrow. I just borrowed $300 for rent, and I have no other people to ask but the internet at large. Devyns car is dead. I hurt. this sucks so hard. gnuhhhhhhhh.

But, I am supposed to get paid on the 15th. If any of you can spare $90 (haha, I know) until next Thursday, or even just until next Tuesday, I could pay you back at that point in time. It has to be sent by tomorrow, so anyone can let me know tonight or before 5:00 tomorrow, that would be really, really, really...really great.
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