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IN NEED OF A GEEK. Or anyone who would like to help.

Hey everybody. I am in desperate need of someone, you, or a friend you think would like to meet me or just talk on the phone, or come over and get cookies and tea or whatever, but this person needs to be literate in moderate to advanced web design, or SQL. More specifically e-commerce web design. Most specifically, how to make a separate pop-up page from a picture, or setting up a good forum, or a custom design form that people can fill out and send to us from the site, along with some other things. It would need to be soon, by this weekend, but it doesn't need to be much. I know this is kind of a long shot, but its one of those things that I really need friend help for, and the internet is the best way to ask in this case. Think about it, ask your geeky friends, post back. Thank you everyone in advance, this is really kinda stressful and huge for me.
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