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Happy Birthday to me.

"Its my birthday and I will cry and not be able to make rent and starve if I want to"...or if I don't want to.

Bitch Bitch Bitch.

My job, that I got today, is 4 hours a week. At less then 8 bucks an hour. This wasn't supposed to happen. I can't pay 400 dollars of rent. I can't pay for school. I have to move and I have no money. This job was supposed to help everything. I am so fucked. Scared enough to be ranting on LJ apparently.

And besides that, it is my own personal hell. It is all highschoolers who are more competent at this job then me, because they don't hate the national WHORE-DAY that people call Halloween. AND I WAS PLACED BEHIND THE BALLOON COUNTER AT 8:30 THIS MORNING. With four people filling balloons around me. I am deathly, irrationally afraid of helium balloons. I actually had to keep myself from crying. And I was there for four and a half hours, hung over and hungry. I had to help customers. I did not wear the "dress code requirements" because when I got hired they did not TELL ME TO. I had to watch two hours of "the art of selling" "harassment in the workplace" "lost children" and "welcome to party city". Fucking fuck.

Man, why can't life just give me a break today. Its my birthday.

Thank you Devyn, and everyone who helped to make my birthday party last night wonderful, and a memory that helps me deal right now.

And I'm fucking starving myself slowly. I hate it. I hate being so....malnourished and weak.

ok. </bitch>
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